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Letter from the Iowa Civil Liberties Union - June 9, 1997

     The Libertarian Party does not have a staff of professional lobbyists.  Instead we rely on the membership, regular folks like you, to be our lobbyists, and over the years we have won important changes in the country's ballot access laws.  In the past this meant taking time off from work, driving to the capital, and expenses such as phone calls, stamps, and fax charges.  Now, the average Libertarian can become a skilled, effective lobbyist in the comfort of their own home or office, by using our page to keep informed and send letters and testimony to the officials and committees which have the power to pass or kill these bills.  Your help is urgently needed.  Right now several important bills hang in the balance, where a few letters can make a real difference.  Click on over to On-Line Lobbyist Central where YOU can make a real difference.

Carl E. Olsen -
P.O. Box 4091, Des Moines, IA 50333
(515) 262-6957 voice and fax