Washington 1998 Ballot Initiative

INITIATIVE 692 (Medical Marijuana)

YES   1,121,851   58.97%
NO   780,631   41.03%

Full Text
Robert Killian/
Karen Pehoushek
PO Box 2346
Seattle 98111

Shall the medical use of marijuana for certain terminal or debilitating conditions be permitted, and physicians authorized to advise patients about medical use of marijuana?

Ballot Measure Summary: This measure would permit the medical use of marijuana by patients with certain terminal or debilitating conditions.  Non-medical use of marijuana would still be prohibited.  Physicians would be authorized to advise patients about the risks and benefits of the medical use of marijuana.  Qualifying patients and their primary caregivers would be protected from prosecution if they possess marijuana solely for medical use by the patient.  Certain additional restrictions and limitations are detailed in the measure.

Status: 260,335 signatures submitted. The petition has been found to have sufficient valid signatures, and will appear on the Nov. 3, 1998, General Election Ballot.